Hi all and thank you for reading Al One!

This project has been bouncing around in my head for a couple of years now and I’m
really, really glad to finally get it out for everyone to read. As this is only my
second comic strip, I’m sure there will be mistakes along the way, but you can’t get
better without learning what not to do!

Unlike my previous comic (The Principal is an Alien), this is more of a long form
‘graphic novel’ style strip. It will be told in chapters, each (for the most part)
a seperate story. Think of these as James Bond movies: same characters, new

For the time being I’ll work on posting a page every Wednesday. Hopefully in the
future I can do more then one posting a week, but I’d rather focus on quality over
quantity for now.

If you enjoy the strip, follow the RSS feed, share on Facebook/Google+, and retweet
to your hearts content. For more updates, follow me on Twitter, where I’ll
occasionally post sneak peaks or commentary on upcoming pages.

Again, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!