Yesterday I stepped foot inside a class room, as a student, for the first time in about 6 years.  Since I’m almost twice as old as the rest of the students in the class, it’s a bit of a surreal experience.  I’ve already got a job in IT and am pretty well settled, so that means I get to take a different approach then the rest of my classmates.  While they’re looking to graduate and get degrees, I’m simply there because ‘I want to’.  Granted, I’m taking the course for credit and may even turn it into an Art degree, it’s still a different feeling.  There’s not as much pressure on me and I believe that will help me overall.

So, hopefully soon you readers will see the effects of ‘Introduction to Figure Drawing’.  This will be the first class I’ve taken that focuses drawing the human body.  I’m looking forward to it and what changes it will make to the comic….so here’s to good things coming 🙂